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Kaur Online English

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Each student reaching out at the website shall gain the required level of knowledge and excellence and at the same time, be able to write answers deserving of the highest grades.


Hey to all Viewers! Welcome to my Website kauronlineenglish which has been especially created to fulfil my mission of sharing learning and knowledge across borders. This is my little School, Institution, College, Temple- whatever you may call it, wherein dedicated offerings of learning shall be made regularly.

The special aim for this Website is to offer the opportunity for students not only to benefit from Online Tutoring but to be connected under one umbrella.

There is a dedicated focus on many Educational Boards, and the students can find relevant, totally examination oriented Study Material uploaded in the Ebook Section. Any student following any particular Syllabus can be well aware of the Syllabus being offered by the other Boards. This shall enable the students to have a good cross- curricular availability of Personalised Notes prepared by myself as the Tutor alongside the joint effort of the Teacher- Student Input during the Online Sessions.

The Search Option shall enable students to look for the respective subject offered in the concerned syllabus by searching under the name of the author, text or the particular title.

The Chat Option shall connect the website with the students who have logged in. They shall get a notification on their mail each time a fresh upload is made. What's more- any special request for a Lesson or Notes shall be taken care of immediately.

As this is a totally personalised and individualised Website, the uploads shall be done regularly and consistently. 'To err is human'- and if anything needs be amended, the suggestions would be welcomed most heartily and the corrections implemented immediately.

Last but not the least, discussions of Past Examination Papers and Board Examination Preparation including IELTS, SAT and TOEFL shall be special areas of focus for the Online Sessions.

This Website has been my Dream- so, here I share my Dream with you all! Good luck and God bless!

Special Features

  • The Ebook Section facilitates the availability of Tutor Notes, which are completely personalised and prepared through an intensive study and valuable research and experience. They include valid and in depth critical analysis required for the understanding of every essential element in Literature, including Poetry, Prose, Drama and Fiction/Non-Fiction.

  • There are specimen pieces of writing based on different forms and structures which shall provide useful guidelines to the students initiating them to improve their writing skills both in English Language and Literature.

  • The Notes are also based on the interactive lesson conducted Online, thus bear proof of teacher- student Input.

  • Prepared with focus on the core requirements of every Syllabus, the detailed Notes shall be very helpful to the students for a competent examination preparation and shall be uploaded regularly in due course.

  • The most important feature of the Notes is that they consist of bullet points in order to initiate an effective critical insight without depriving them of their originality.